What materials are provided?

What Materials Are Provided What Materials Are Provided What Materials Are Provided What Materials Are Provided What Materials Are Provided

Educational materials

All of your students' Kumon worksheets, which are the prime learning tool and core of the program, are supplied by us, free of cost. We also cover the freight of these worksheets and other materials from our warehouse to you, up to twice each month.

Signage and fit-out for permanent venues

An association with Kumon means an association with a brand that is known as a global market leader in education. Having access to our internationally recognisable brand is a huge advantage to your business. To support this, we provide all signage and fit-out for new centres opening in commercially leased premises.

Advertising and marketing support

Kumon Australia and New Zealand runs national free trial campaigns twice a year. These campaigns are supported by a national advertising campaign. Kumon provides a range of advertising materials to all franchisees free of cost. Outside of the Free Trial campaigns, we advertise Kumon nationally throughout the year through various strategically targeted media, and support the brand exposure of Kumon through national partnerships and websites such as Our dedicated Public Relations team can also provide franchisees with personalised support to meet individual local area marketing needs.

Centre Opening Kit

To support new franchisees in the opening of their new Kumon Education Centres, all new franchisees receive a Centre Opening Kit. This contains all the materials needed to establish a Kumon Education Centre, including an initial supply of worksheets, learning materials used in conjunction with the worksheets, student enrolment kits, business cards, and promotional materials including an A-frame, flyers and posters.


Various subsidies are offered from time to time to support franchisees in a range of areas. These may include rental subsidies, franchisee recognition and incentive scheme, and subsidised attendance at national and regional conferences.