Potential Earnings

Potential earnings


Many factors influence the potential earnings and profits of a Kumon franchise, including location, venue type, staffing requirements, and the time and effort that the franchisee puts in.

Click here to see tables detailing the earnings of three sample centres over a four-year period.

Like most franchisors, Kumon Australia & New Zealand collects royalties from our franchises. Please see the table below to review our student fee and royalty structure:

Table of student fee and royalty structure

Student Fees
(GST inclusive)
% Royalty Royalty Fees
$100 enrolment fee
(at the time of enrolment)
Enrolment Royalty - 50% $50.00
$140 tuition fee
(per month per subject)
Tuition Royalty - 45%
(Provisional Licence)
Tuition Royalty - 40%
(Full Licence)