Is a Kumon franchise for me?

Who are we looking for?

Who We Are Looking For

Minimum requirements

To be considered for a Kumon franchise, you must have:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  2. Permanent resident status in Australia
  3. A valid driver's license and their own transport

There is only one individual franchisee for each Kumon Education Centre.

Key attributes

You are a passionate, positive leader who uses your energy and drive to foster strong relationships within your local community. Specifically, characteristics that you will have are:

Enjoy working with and motivating children

As you will work directly with your students right from the point of enrolment, it is essential that you are interested in getting to know your students and encouraging them to be the best that they can be.

Proficient in maths and English

Families look to Kumon franchisees as experts in our mathematics and English programmes, so it is vital that the advice Kumon franchisees gives to families is of a consistently high standard. It is essential that you are highly proficient in both areas, and are prepared to work at both subjects to maintain and develop your skills.

Test your maths and English skills now.

Sample tests: English, maths

Check your answers: English, maths

Business acumen

It is essential for you to have an interest in children, families and education. It is equally essential for you to have an understanding of the business environment you operate in and the financial and administrative skills needed to ensure that you can successfully operate and grow your Kumon Education Centre.

Strong organisational skills

Tasks that you may need to complete outside of class time include reviewing student scorebooks, preparing students' work, speaking to parents, marketing activities, and administrative tasks.

Effective communication

You will need to be able to communicate effectively using different means and with a professionally and culturally diverse range of people. It is important to have the skills to build rapport with parents, teachers, child care directors, librarians, local business owners and of course, children. Building these relationships requires you to communicate strongly through personal meetings, phone calls, emails, text messages and presentations.

Actively involved in the local community

The most successful Kumon franchisees are those who are seen as part of their local community, and whose centres are seen as a part of the local community. To be a successful Kumon franchisee, you will be someone who is actively involved in community events and confident in introducing yourself and Kumon. Mr Toru Kumon himself spent years talking about Kumon to everyone he met!

Seek to develop best practice through professional development

Kumon is a learning organisation. As a company and as a team we all believe that people never stop learning, and we make sure that our work always reflects this strong belief. A key attribute for being a Kumon franchisee is being a learner who continually seeks to develop your subject and product knowledge. You strive to be best that you can be and you know that you can learn something new every single day.